The Sanger Institute on using datacentre upgrades to help decode the human genome

Paul Woobey , IT director at the @wellcometrust, tells Computer Weekly why the organisation's HPC workload requirements cannot be fulfilled by a move to the #cloud

2017 Salary Survey - ASEAN Infographic

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Salary Survey 2017/2018 UK & Ireland

More than 1200 UK and Ireland IT professionals took part in Computer Weekly’s 2017 / 2018 salary survey, providing us with an accurate picture of the state of IT pay, attitudes to work and training, and future prospects for this vital part of the economy.

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The Sanger Institute on using datacentre upgrades to help decode the human genome

Paul Woobey, IT director at the @WellcomeTrust, tells Computer Weekly why the organisation's HPC workload requirements cannot be fulfilled by a move to the #cloud

At a time when the NHS is faced with unprecedented pressure, new technological solutions can help ease some of the strain. From apps to electronic records and artificial intelligence, technology is playing an increasingly important part in transforming the health service.

Nation-state actors responsible for most cyber attacks

Companies of all sizes may find themselves faced with highly capable state-sponsored cyber attacks, but steps can be taken to shore up defences

Q&A: NetApp’s storage play in the age of cloud

Storage supplier’s Asia-Pacific general manager reveals the changes that are taking place within the company to keep up with the changing tech landscape!

BMW opens its second tech startup programme in the UK

@BMW has launched its latest programme to support tech #startups in the UK

More hospitals in APAC adopting IT to bolster patient care

#Healthcare providers in the APAC region are looking to the #Cloud and #BigData analytics to enhance services and lower cost

Finnish government eyes €1bn savings through digitisation

Finland’s public sector aims to save €1bn by 2029 as a result of #digitising #PublicServices

Most UK councils hit by cyber attacks

A study has revealed that most UK local authorities have suffered cyber attacks in the past year, showing local government is a key target for cyber criminals and that legacy software is a top security concern! @iGov

Cyber crime a significant risk to individuals and organisations

#CyberCrime is still a significant risk to individuals and organisations, a report claims, with the top threats including business email compromise, #ransomware, and banking and mobile malware

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Why businesses should tackle the digital workplace

IT chiefs should make implementing the digital workplace core to their company’s digitisation strategy, says analyst @Gartner

PM pressures internet companies to act on terrorist propaganda

Theresa May pressures internet companies to act on terrorist propaganda

The UK, France and Italy will use a meeting with technology companies at the UN General Assembly in New York to press for development of technical solutions to defeat terrorist activity on the internet

Oracle announces simplified pricing model for cloud computing

Ahead of @Oracle’s OpenWorld 2017 event, Larry Ellison announces simplification of #cloud pricing, attached to increased automation in database and middleware

Cloud-centric software-defined information management company Veritas reminds is that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day are currently being produced today in 2017.

Middle East firms must focus on IT training and employing more women to stay competitive

Organisations in the Middle East face IT recruitment challenges unless they offer more training and employ more women

2017 Salary Survey - ASEAN Infographic

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Poor password practices are still putting UK citizens and the companies they work for at risk, a survey reveals

What key things should organisations be doing in terms of cyber defences to ensure they are resilient?

Public sector cloud use still too focused on ‘low-hanging fruit’ IT projects, finds research

Public sector cloud adoption continues to rise, but wide-scale digital transformation success remains elusive, claims Cloud Industry Forum research

Security industry needs to get involved to raise awareness of cyber security career opportunities, say commentators

Microsoft claims connectivity issues that blighted #Outlook and #Hotmail users for much of Monday 18 September have now been largely resolved

The Middle East and the UAE in particular is setting up as a centre for startups

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Open source used to be an alternative to commercial off –the-shelf software. Today, the largest commercial software providers are big supporters of open source technologies.

A SolarWinds survey reveals that #IT professionals are more concerned with #CyberSecurity than losing their jobs to artificial intelligence (#AI)

Slowly, technology issues are rising to centre of the Brexit debate – as they should.

#Banks across #Europe cut jobs and close thousands of branches as #IT shakes the industry

The digital skills gap is set to widen as many in the UK are without the basic skills needed for most positions, with jobs increasingly requiring above-average digital skills

#VMware is fleshing out its strategy to become the Swiss Army knife for hybrid computing. We investigate how #vSphere will evolve

Mobile networks restored to hurricane-hit Caribbean islands

Emergency networking teams from the #Vodafone Foundation and Télécoms Sans Frontières are working to restore mobile connectivity after the Caribbean was ravaged by #Hurricane #Irma

Vodafone outlines how smart devices can improve patient adherence by offering them personalised healthcare

The CBI is warning of the risks to UK businesses of no deal with the European Union on data exchange when Brexit arrives

Betting firm Bet365 aims to give away enterprise version of Riak NoSQL to the open source community and continue the development of the product

In this week's Computer Weekly, we speak to the head of IT at the Dogs Trust about its use of cloud computing and data analytics. We also look at the societal challenges of AI and investigate how to get a good Office 365 deal. Plus our buyer's guide checks out DevOps tools. Download the issue now.

How much do your peers in the MiddleEast earn? Find out in our exclusive salary survey result!

During a House of Lords debate, Martha Lane Fox claimed the UK has been “sleepwalking” through digital change and urged for more to be done to promote “digital understanding”

#EE repurposes 2G spectrum to support expanded #4G mobile service

The operator will re-farm a tranche of spectrum formerly used for 2G services to boost capacity and speed on its 4G network

#Government procurement chiefs and digital champions share details of the work being done to help export the principles of the Digital Marketplace overseas

Give people the space to grow and reward people for ideas rather than their output and innovation will come, says Frazer Bennett, a member of PA Consulting’s management team

Talking to this week #CEO Bipul Sinha would not give details, but did say the company plans to add analytics, and not restricted to those that report on #backup operations but more widely using #metadata captured in backup and archive operations.

What is the situation for #IT specialists like in the #Benelux region?
How much money do they earn? Find out in our brand new infographic!

As organisations look to #DevOps for continuous development, delivery and integration of business functions, careful control is crucial

Travellers using #Trainline’s app can save money on tickets after the introduction of an in-#app feature called #PricePrediction

Major #security breach unfolded over a two-month period, and is thought to have affected 143 million customers in the US, as well as an undisclosed number of Britons and Canadians

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