Security Serious Week summit goes virtual

#Security Serious Week summit will feature an entirely virtual conference.

Devil’s Ivy a call to action on IoT security

Discovery of stack buffer overflow vulnerability calls for a greater need in #IoT security.

Lords to probe ethics of artificial intelligence

Lords calls for evidence on the ethical, social and economic impact of #AI.

How to use threat intelligence in your business

Threat intelligence: The key to defend your business.

Retail data breaches still high as GDPR deadline looms

As EU's #GDPR compliance deadline approaches, retail data breaches are still high.

Upset in Athenry: Examining the impact of Apple's delayed Irish datacentre build

The ins and outs of Apple's much-delayed data center build.

WannaCry has changed attitudes to cyber security, surveys show

Attitudes over #cybersecurity have changed in the boardroom due to recent #WannaCry attack.

The challenge of our era - digital transformation at Allianz

Allianz: The challenge of our current era is digital transformation.

In this e-guide, we take a closer a look at the virtualisation of on-premise resources, and find out why it remains such an important process for enterprise datacentre owners to go through.

Stamford Bridge to offer stadium connectivity in partnership with Ericsson

Stamford Bridge teams up with Ericsson to offer Chelsea fans a 'seamless' connected experience.

Scale hyper-converged adds all-flash 1150F and “workhorse” 5150D

Scale Computing adds all-flash 1150F and “workhorse” 5150D.

RoughTed malvertising peaked in June, reveals Check Point

28% of organizations globally were hit by a #malvertising campaign in June 2017.

UK lags behind Europe in digital risk awareness, study shows

Survey: UK business leaders are less aware of digital risks than their European counterparts.

Lords’ inquiry finds data flows key to post-Brexit trade and security

Lords’ inquiry: Data flow key for UK trade and #security after #Brexit.

First businesses connect to South Yorkshire gigabit broadband network

First customers have gone live on CityFibre’s South Yorkshire network.

IBM claims breakthrough in mainframe encryption

#IBM says its new mainframe ushers in a new era of data protection.

Post Office defence in computer system legal case due this week

Post Office will present its defense in alleged faulty computer system case this week.

MicroScope market update: the world of print
This guide will provide an update on some of the recent activities by vendors on the hardware front as well as looking into the managed print service world.

Photos du journal

Software defined networking has been around for a few years but it is early days for SD-WAN and that means there is time for resellers to get on board before the technology takes off.

How AI is disrupting the role of call centres and call centre staff

Call centre employees are among the white-collar workers currently feeling the AI crunch.

Data breach costs exceed 20% of revenue

Cisco surveyed nearly 3,000 CSOs and security operations leaders from 13 countries. They found that data breaches cost...a lot.

Executive interview: Kirk Bresniker, chief architect, HPE

"We want to change the basic economics of having relatively scarce amounts of memory."

Society urged to nurture cyber talent at Microsoft security conference

“Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, we live in the era of cyber supervillains."

US man jailed for hacking into celebrity accounts

Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities get justice.

Microsoft’s cloud privacy battle may go to US Supreme Court

A battle that began in December 2013 may be heading to the Supreme Court.

National crime survey figures show growing cyber crime

There were 3.6 million fraud and 2 million computer misuse offences in the 12 months to September 2016.

Lack of diversity risks creating big gaps in AI

You get out what you put in - and that's a problem if everyone creating AI looks and thinks the same way.

The evolution of smart Dubai

Dubai has emerged as one of the few places in the Middle East to offer smart city benchmarks, and its evolution will be closely watched.

The Alan Turing Institute takes cloud-first stance on data science research

“The idea of the institute is to do things that you can’t easily do in other universities. "

There is no shortage of open data. The question is, is anyone using it?

Open data success stories are few and far between.

Secure IoT before it kills us

This is not hyperbole.

Most manufacturers will use customer-facing VR by 2020

84% of manufacturers hope to increase their use of virtual reality technology for customer service.

UK youngsters unwittingly exposing private data

The children's commissioner for England has called on the government to add “digital citizenship” to the school curriculum for children from the age of four.

Robots replace staff at Japanese insurance firm

The insurance firm will spend around £1.4m to install the IBM system.

Alexa enters home automation

Don't expect a seamless transition to a smart home.

Top 10 virtualisation and storage stories of 2016

2016 wasn't *just* about flash storage.

Top 10 HR technology stories of 2016

HR technology is reaching a turning point.

Auticon: the IT consultancy that employs only autistic IT professionals

Workforce diversity is good business, says Auticon Ltd UK CEO.

Top 10 software development stories of 2016

Software development is now a strategic priority for many companies.

Top 10 business applications stories of 2016

If you hadn't heard, artificial intelligence and the internet of things are a pretty big deal.

Top 10 state surveillance, investigatory powers and activism stories of 2016

Oh, (big) brother was it an eventful year.

2017 UK IT budgets show increased CRM and business automation focus

The results are in: CRM is a top priority for UK IT.

Top 10 CW Middle East stories of 2016

Big data, self-driving cars...the Middle East is changing fast.

Top 10 CW Nordics stories of 2016

A cashless Sweden, a Finland bounceback...catch up on the news from the Nordics this year.

IT error means 420,000 Scottish taxpayers not informed of new rates

Word is they will still need to pay.

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